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    Fan Fiction Rules

    Post  Raschel on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:03 pm

    I have rounded up all of the previously created threads about those things and have moved them here. Smile

    There are just going to be a few rules for this forum, that are different than the rest of the site.

    - When you are giving an opinion on someone's work, please be respectful. There are ways to give constructive criticism without being rude, or bashing the person's writing.

    - When creating a new topic to showcase your work (or for asking opinions or what have you) the topic should be titled with the name of the piece, and what it falls under (HoN FanFiction, Other FanFiction, Fan Poetry, or Fan Art).

    - If you are going to post multiple works (such as one shots with fan art), please include them all in one thread, and don't create a new thread for each new Fan Art that you make. Title the thread something like "Nanashi's Fan Art" (but with your own screen name), so we know that you are posting more than one piece of work in there.

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