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    Border, guidlines PLEASE READ


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    Border, guidlines PLEASE READ

    Post  Beautiful_Tragedy on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:45 am

    Hey Everyone, nothing too strict...

    Just please

    * No netspeak: If you are mature enough to read the Marked series lol just please speak without the slang.
    example: OMG r u kdn mi wth tatz c0o0o0ol i LU\/ ur $hoezz, just looks so dumb.

    * No swearing or racism!

    Just a couple of other things. These should go without having to be said... but just so they are here.

    Before you post:

    * Quick search. Make sure that you do a quick search to make sure that you aren't posting a topic or question that has already been posted.

    * Try to find the correct place for new topics. (Self explanatory ^_^)

    * Topic title. Make sure that your title tells us what is in the topic before we open it. Titles such as "Please read!", "Question", etc. are not related to your topic. Also, cap locks in your title should be avoided.

    When posting, and replying:

    * Avoid cap locks please: ALL CAPS= "yelling"

    * One word posts and off topic. Avoid posts that only contain one word, such as: "lol", and "yeah". It floods the topic with unnecessary posts. And please try to stay on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted.

    * Please, avoid posting spoilers: I know that we'd be really disappointed if parts of the book were ruined for us, so just keep that in mind when you are posting in certain threads. (example: Try not to post things that happen from Betrayed in the Marked threads. For the sake of those who haven't gotten that far in the series.)

    General things:

    * Try to be nice to one another: (Shouldn't be too hard.) Because I believe that we should all be mature enough to respect everyone else's opinions and such. So no name calling or anything (not that it should be an issue).

    * Respect the Mods. They are only doing their job to help the forum.

    We would like to keep problems to a minimum here. So please Respect the Forum Rules.
    So just try to keep these things in mind when posting. Thanks!

    Have fun, meet new people discuss the characters, and welcome to the House of Night Forums!

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